Lobster Ballmachine Elite Grand Four + 20 Functions Remote Control

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Comes standard with 1-Amp Fast Charger and 20 functions remote control.

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  • Available immediately
  • Delivery time: 1 - 3 Workdays  (DE - int. shipments may differ)
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Battery charger: Including Fast Charger
Random deflection: horizontal, vertical, horizontal and vertical
2-line mode: narrow, medium, wide
Ball speed: 55 - 130 km / h
Ball capacity: 150 balls
Strike interval: 2-9 seconds, random
Power supply: battery / external power supply optional
Battery life: 4 - 8 hours
Playing height: electronically 0 - 50 degrees
Weight: 20 kg
Twist: topspin / backspin
Pre-programmed drills: 6
Individual drills: -

The Lobster Elite Grand Series are the top machines from Lobster. The Lobster Elite Grand Four has 6 pre-programmed drills. A certain stroke order is played here, depending on the playing style set. More information here. The Lobster Elite Grand Four has a triple deflection. A deflection in the horizontal, vertical, and horizontal + vertical direction can thus be implemented. It has a high ball capacity and large, robust wheels. The handle is extendable and the ball basket can be easily removed and placed on the machine. This enables easy transport.
With touch button LCD screen.

Displacements: Choose from 7 settings:
1. 2-Line Mode Eng with a preprogrammed drill
2. 2-line mode means with a preprogrammed drill
3. 2-line mode wide with a preprogrammed drill
4. Horizontal deflection from sideline to sideline, random hits
5. Vertical deflection, for long and short strokes
6. Dual deflection with random strikes in horizontal and vertical direction for long and short strikes across the entire course
7. Noted blows to a fixed point

Lobster 20-function remote control (only Elite Grand Four, Elite Grand Five LE):
With the Lobster 20-function remote control you can better control your training program. The compact remote control allows you to control your machine from anywhere with a variety of functions such as: play / pause, deflection, random drill, 2-line mode, ball speed, stroke interval, spin and many more.

+ 6 pre-programmed drills with different play styles

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Experience has shown that operation on rubber granulate is difficult. Please give us a call on this matter.

Further accessories:
(not included in the delivery)

Lobster Premium Fast Charger (3-Amp):
The Fast Charger (1-Amp) takes 3 - 9 hours to fully charge the internal battery. With an upgrade to the Premium Charger (3-Amp) you can charge your Lobster Ball Machine in just 1 - 3 hours. For multiple use in one day.

Lobster External Power Supply AC Power Supply:
This allows them to connect the Lobster ball machine to the mains and thus extend the running time of the machine. Ideal for clubs or coaches who want to use the ball machine for many hours. The prerequisite for this is a certain residual charge of the battery.

Lobster Elite protective cover:
Original hood for the lobster ball machine




Lobster Elite Grand Four




360 Degree View


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