Ocho TNT² 12,2 m Set 16 (1.30 mm)

Número de artículo: Art802-0001
Categoría: Cordajes de Allround
  • EAN: 0090852441908
The octagonal building has 8 sharp edges for maximum ball bite
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  • disponible inmediatamente
  • Tiempo de entrega: 1 - 3 días laborables  (#productDetails.shippingInfoIcon#)
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The first solid core, synthetic gut string construction that features an octagonal shape with 8 sharp edges for maximum ball bite.

The benefits for the all court player are greater spin and a livelier response for more feedback.

Ocho TNT is for the synthetic gut player that has made a change to polyester strings, or the synthetic gut player that is considering making a change to polyester strings and shouldn't.

Ocho TNT is the perfect string for the solid core, synthetic gut player that wants to experience the spin and control benefits that a polyester string can provide while retaining the power and feel of a solid core synthetic.


Control: Reducido
Perfil: Perfilado (angular/girado)
Durabilidad: Normal
Contenido: 12,20 m


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Sehr solide

Super solide Multi von Gamma. Ich nutze sie beizeiten als Quersaite in einer Hybrid. Dafür ist sie perfekt geeignet.

Awesome string

Absolutely top drawer Cross string softens up my string bed just enough but the textured profile gets me the spin I miss when I don’t use a full bed of poly. Will be using this for many years to come I anticipate!

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