React Pro Reel

31.08.2021 10:35:00 / News / Comments 0

The patented GAMMA TNT2 process provides comfort, control, and long-lasting performance. The React Pro design enhances string action, promotes great spin, and helps you pinpoint accurate shot placement. Play better and smarter.


  • New proprietary low friction coating
  • Wear resistance peek fibers within the outer wrap
  • Large center core
  • GAMMA TNT2 Processing


  • Allows main strings to slide easily across the cross strings, allowing for more ball bite creating greater grip.
  • Extra durable fibers that slow down the notching associated with excessive string movement.
  • Added durability
  • Livelier string performance enhances the feel and comfort of the string.


Gauge: 16 Gauge (1.32mm) or 17 Gauge (1.27mm)

Reel Length: 360 feet (110 m)

Color: Natural